Visionix L80+

L80 ARK TOPO / WAVE +The first 4 in 1 deviceThe “Wavefront” technology allows more precise refractometry ; thus setting up a better starting point for refraction. Automatic functions• High precis

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The first 4 in 1 device
The “Wavefront” technology allows more precise refractometry ; thus setting up a better starting point for refraction.
Automatic functions
• High precision refractometry
• Central and peripheral keratometry
• Topography up to 100 000 points
• High density aberrometry up to 1 500 points
• Measurement through pupils of small diameters (2 mm)
• Measurement of potential accommodation
• Simulation of visual acuity.
Aberrometry applications
• All useful data for refractive surgery
• Evaluation of visual acuity in night vision
• Evaluation of accommodation*
• Evaluation of “guided” surgery.
Wave + benefits
• Fully automatic 3-D and R/L eye alignments
• 4 types of automatic simultaneous measurements
• Operator independent measurements
• High reproducibility of measurements.
Ultra efficient 3-D alignment
Entirely automatic alignment and measurement allowing :
• Higher reliability of measurements
• Significant time saving
• Great comfortable use.
High resolution Shack-Hartmann technology
Used for the first time in refraction procedures, this technology brings :
• Higher precision of measurements
• Unequalled reliability of measurements
• Complementary analysis functions.
Corneal Topography applications :
• Higher precision in keratometry
• Automatic detection of keratocones
• Precise tool for contact lenses fitting & prescription
(Contact Lens database).
Corneal Topography & Aberrometry associated together :
More comprehensive diagnostics of visual acuity :
• Pre and post follow-up in corneal surgery
• Separation of refractive and corneal aberration problems
• Acuity simulations according to pupil diameters.