HRK-8000A Auto Ref-KeratometerWith Wavefront Technology • Optimized Optical System • Micro Lens Array• Customized Lens Manufacturing• More Data on Aberration Measurement• High Order Aberrati

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HRK-8000A Auto Ref-Keratometer

With Wavefront Technology


• Optimized Optical System


• Micro Lens Array
• Customized Lens Manufacturing
• More Data on Aberration Measurement
• High Order Aberration Map is on!#1
• PSF & Image Simulation
• Color View Mode!#2
• Peripheral Keratomerty Measurement#3
• Ultra High Precision KER Data
• Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide#4
• Touch & Tilting Color Display Screen
• Auto Tracking
• Animated Guide
• Vision Comparison Function
• Motorized Chinrest
• Ext. Monitor(HDMI) & Network Connectivity HUVITZ system
Measurement Mode Keratometry
K/R Mode Continuous Keratometry Radius of Curvature 5~13.0mm( Increments:0.01mm)
REF Mode                Refractometry Corneal Power 25.96-67.50D(When corneal equivalent refractive index is 1.3375)(Increment:0.05/0/12.0/25D)
KER Mode Keratometry Corenal Astigmatism 0.00~-15.00D(Increment:0.05/0/12.0/25D)
CLBC Mode Contact Lens Base 
CurveMeasurement Axis 1~180∘(Increment:1∘)
KER P Mode Peripheral Keratometry Pupil,Iris Diameter 2.0~14.0mm(Increment:0.1mm)
Color View Mode Color View & Contact Fitting Assistance (White & Blue LED Light ) Memory of  Data 10 measurements for each eye
Refractometry Others
Vertex Distance(VD) 0.0,12.0,13.5,15.0 Internal Printer   Thermal Line Printer with Auto Cutting 
Sphere(SPH) -25.00~+22.0(When VD=12mm
(Increments:0.12 and 0.25D) Power Saving Automatic switch-off(5 min)
Display 7 inch Wide Color TFT LCD Touch panel with Tilting
Cylinder(CYL) 0.00~10.00D (Increment:0.12 and 0.25D) Power Supply AC100-240V,50/60HZ(Free Voltage) 60w
CLBC Mode 1~180∘(Increment:1∘) Up-Down ±15mm
Cylinder Form -,+,± Left-Right ±5mm ±2mm
Pupil Distance ϕ10~85mm Forward-Backward ±5mm ±2mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter 2.0mm