iCare EIDONiCare EIDON widefield TrueColor Confocal fundus imaging systemKey features*Multiple imaging modalities including TrueColor, blue, red and Red-Free and infrared confocal images*Widefield, ul

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iCare EIDON widefield TrueColor Confocal fundus imaging system

Key features

  • *Multiple imaging modalities including TrueColor, blue, red and Red-Free and infrared confocal images

  • *Widefield, ultra-high-resolution imaging

  • *Capability to image through cataract and media opacities

  • *Dilation-free operation (minimum pupil 2.5 mm)

  • *Flexibility of fully automated and fully manual mode

  • *All-in-one compact design, no additional PC required

iCare EIDON — the first TrueColor Confocal imaging device for ultra-high resolution widefield imaging

iCare EIDON is the first TrueColor Confocal system that combines the best features of Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy (SLO) systems with those of standard fundus imaging to set new performance standards in retinal imaging. It’s the perfect retinal imaging system that provides TrueColor and widefield views in multiple imaging modalities. iCare EIDON provides unsurpassed image quality and a unique, live, confocal view of the retina in a dilation-free operation.

Offering the best of confocal technology, iCare EIDON guarantees increased image sharpness, better optical resolution, higher details and greater contrast that takes retinal diagnostics to the next level. This combined with its easy-to-use interface and patient-friendly features make the iCare EIDON a valuable and efficient tool in any clinical setting.

“EIDON TrueColor Widefield Confocal Scanner gives great retinal images, far superior to a standard retinal camera: you are able to see certain condition in much better visualization, such as Diabetic Retinopathy.” – Steven G Ferrucci, OD, FAAO, US

Confocal imaging is a standard in excellent image quality. It’s superior to conventional fundus photography as it blocks the back-scattered light of structures from the outside of the retina focal plane and provides enhanced image quality, with increased sharpness, better optical resolution and greater contrast. It preserves image quality even in the case of media opacities, including cataracts and can work with pupils as small as 2.5mm without the need for dilation.

Ultra-wide-field details in high definition

iCare EIDON’s widefield optics from 90° to 160° field of view allows imaging of the central retina as well as the periphery. iCare EIDON TrueColor confocal technology applied to widefield imaging is particularly crucial as it helps to improve the detection, analysis and monitoring of pathologies that could arise in the periphery of the retina. iCare EIDON’s widefield features help to preserve the sharpness and details even in the periphery, facilitating improved and early diagnosis.

Multiple imaging modalities for a complete picture

iCare EIDON offers crisp and sharp widefield images representing the actual appearance of the retina in multiple imaging modalities. White LED illumination provides high-quality TrueColor images, Red-free filtering enhances visualization of retina vasculature, blue images provide improved view of the Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer (RNFL) and red channel allows light to penetrate into the deep layers of the retina. Infrared light provides detailed information corresponding to the choroid.

Fully automated, comfortable, and easy-to-use experience

iCare EIDON provides the flexibility of going from fully automatic to fully manual operations — offering features like auto-alignment, auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto-capture and auto-mosaic. iCare EIDON is easy to use and requires minimal staff training, which can speed up examination time and in turn improve patient workflow. With its ergonomic, motorized chin rest, soft flash and no need for dilation, iCare EIDON promises enhanced comfort to patients.

Connectivity, anytime and anywhere

iCare EIDON multi-touch tablet makes magnification and review easy. Additionally, the remote viewer feature makes also remote data review effortless, allowing any computer or laptop on the same local area network (LAN) to review iCare EIDON images remotely, enabling data access and detailed analysis on multiple review stations.

  • Fundus Imaging System Features

  • Non-mydriaticminimum pupil size 2.5 mm

  • Field of view (measured from the center of the eye)

  • Individual image90°

  • Mosaic (up to nine images)up to 160°

  • Sensor resolution14 Mpixel (4608 x 3288)

  • Light sources

  • White LED440 - 650 nm

  • Infrared LED825 - 870 nm

  • Imaging modalities

  • TrueColor

  • Infrared

  • RGB channels separation*

  • Other features

  • Working distance28 mm

  • Automatic operationauto-alignment, auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto-capture

  • Auto-focusing adjustment range-12D to +15D

  • Resolution60 pixel/deg

  • Optical resolution on the retina15 microns

  • Pixel pitch4.9 micron

  • Fixation targetsInternal/External

  • Dynamic Programmable Internal Fixation TargetCentral, Nasal, Temporal, Central-Nasal, Superior, Inferior, Superior-Temporal, Superior-Nasal, Inferior-Temporal, Inferior-Nasal

  • Internal computer

  • DisplayTablet operated, with multi-touch, color display

  • Hard driveSSD,480 GB

  • InterfacesAvailable ports: USB port x 2, Gigabit Ethernet Port x 1

  • Export/Importjpeg, pdf, DICOM**

  • Dimensions/Power supply

  • Size (WxHxD)360 mm X 590 mm X 620 mm / 14.2’’ x 23.2’’ x 24.4’’

  • Weight25 Kg (55 lbs)

  • Related Voltage100-240 VAC

  • Frequency50-60 Hz

  • Power consumption80 W

  • Electrical ClassIEC 60601-1 Class I

  • *digital filters

  • **optional